Campsie Public School

Character Alone Ennobles

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About our school

Campsie Public School is situated in the central business district of the city of Canterbury. It is becoming known as a learning hub of the community where students and their families are empowered to achieve success. The learning culture focuses on a developmental and outcomes approach to learning and teaching through learning how to learn; learning how to find information and thinking laterally; through problem posing and problem solving in applied situations. Learning together for life through teamwork and the pooling of knowledge and skills underpins the strength of good character of our students.

School song 

Our school is one we are proud of 

So now let's sing out aloud of 

All the values taught to us 

Tolerance truth and trust 


Though we come from many nations 

Still we share in good relations 

And together grow and learn at 

Campsie School 


May we reach for goals that are high 

For to fail is not to try 

And in sport to play the game 

This shall be our aim 


When our childhood is behind us 

May our memories always remind us 

Of the values we have learnt 

At Campsie School

School hours

The school day begins with a number of optional before school activities from 8:15-8:45am, including Reading Club and Computer Club. Students in years 3-6 go straight to class at 8:50am. Each day begins for students in K-2 at 8:50am with a morning assembly for students and the community. This is a very important time, as this is when students listen to vital daily messages, with music signalling for the children to line up on their class lines, and wait for the teacher to begin the assembly. Students are in class, ready to begin lessons by 9am. School finishes at 3pm. K-2 students must be picked up from the child's class teacher at this time. Students in Grades 3-6 are dismissed from their classrooms. 

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