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Character Alone Ennobles

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Principal's Welcome

At Campsie Public School our ethos is reflected through our school motto of ‘Learning Together for Life’ and our school crest ‘Character Alone Ennobles’. We believe that the provision of a quality education where students are at the centre of future focused learning, delivered in a supportive and nurturing environment, will provide the foundation for life-long learning. At Campsie Public School our students represent the future of our community; students who strive to be positive and productive citizens, seeking to be leaders in a socially just and fair Australia.

Inherent in this, we:

  • ensure a whole school culture of 'excellence, equity, accountability, trust, integrity and service'

  • are ambitious in our belief that all students can achieve

  • promote a positive and inclusive school culture in which all community members are valued

  • promote best practice pedagogy through the study of a language other than English

  • promote strong engagement in the arts and physical education

  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong focus on the cross curricular priorities of the NSW syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum (ecological sustainability, Aboriginal perspectives and engagement with Asia)

  • develop the skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity through explicit and inquiry based learning amongst our students and staff

  • seek continual improvement through innovative future focused learning and evidence–based observation and ongoing data collection and analysis of impact.

At Campsie Public School we recognise that every student, every family and every staff member is unique and it’s our commitment that ‘every child and young person (and their family) is known, valued and cared for’. Across the community we share strengths and talents which are utilised to enhance the learning outcomes and opportunities for all students. Teaching and learning programs reflect the cultural heritage, history and contribution of Australia’s First People as well as the diverse cultural and language backgrounds reflective of our school community and our multicultural nation. As a school learning community we acknowledge, respect, embrace and celebrate our diversity. We know that diversity of race, religious beliefs, backgrounds, socioeconomic status, gender, physical and cognitive abilities, sexual orientation and political views strengthens the learning community and affirms the uniqueness and potential of each student and their family. Responsibility, respect and care for the environment and one another ensures that our students learn what it means to be a citizen of Australia as well as a global citizen.

We strive for excellence in all areas to ensure each student has every opportunity to develop as a confident, engaged and independent learner.  Teachers and the community work in partnership to ensure students benefit from a well-resourced and dynamic learning environment. The staff at Campsie Public School are a team of highly trained, hardworking and committed professionals who desire the very best for every student. Teachers demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and collaborate to implement research based best practice in teaching and learning from around the world.

We pride ourselves on the breadth of opportunities open to students to excel. Programs and initiatives in literacy, mathematics, science, technology, creative arts, language learning, public speaking, debating, Aboriginal education, the environment, student welfare and sport ensure that all students are engaged in learning and have every opportunity to realise their potential and develop their passions as lifelong learners.  We value physical education and encourage our students to be physically active and to participate in a range of health and wellbeing initiatives.  Additionally, music education is highly valued by our learning community, through numerous performance opportunities and the promotion of music and band programs. 

Our commitment to language learning is highly regarded. We host the only Bilingual Korean Program in the New South Wales, offer three additional community languages, as well as five other languages offered as a Language Other Than English (LOTE) or as a club. Many of our students study one language in addition to English and some students study more than one.

At Campsie Public School we believe that every child has strengths, areas for development and the ability to succeed. We ensure that there are strategies in place for every child to flourish and reach their potential. Every child is treated with the highest level of care and consideration and is viewed as a valued and unique individual. Every stage is guided by a team leader who works with dedicated staff members focused on student care and engagement. The school's Learning and Support Team assists with the identification of additional learning and support needs to ensure that the educational needs of all students are met. The parents and citizens of Campsie Public School are actively committed to ensuring that every student receives the resources and support they require.

Our students will be equipped with the necessary learning and life skills needed to further their education and to be confident and contributing members of society. Our students fully participate in their learning by setting learning goals and striving to achieve them. Students are explicitly taught creative and critical thinking skills and how to engage in the learning process. This, together with opportunities for reflection, ensures students learn how to learn and grow in self-awareness. This is the essence of life-long learning and success.

Student leadership and decision making is integral to all aspects of school life. An active student representative council ensures that all students have a voice. Student-led initiatives and fundraising increase support and awareness of local, national and global issues.

I feel deeply privileged to lead this school community as the principal. The partnerships between teachers, parents, students and the broader community, ensures the students of Campsie Public School receive a quality, future focused education. An education that every member of this school community is extremely proud of.

Berlinda Cook